Luxury brands can sponsor a polo team, a tournament or become a season sponsor at a polo club.

The PoloZONE Marketing Network consists of the following Websites and social media tools.

  • PoloZONE – A resource for polo players and fans
  • Polo 101 – A resource for spectators and new polo students

Our content reaches between 9,500 and 12,000 readers worldwide per month with a larger percentage of readers residing here in the United States. Our content draws readers back to the Website often and our social network delivers content and ads directly to our “fans” and “followers” daily.

PoloZONE is a free news service. No subscriptions are needed to read or to interact with our content. We have a string of polo bloggers who write opinion and news columns that are not offered on any other Website or in print media. Our content is unique and it provides a valuable, free service to the polo community. For this reason our reach into the polo community is broad and our readership is very loyal.

Polo is known as the Sport of Kings and it attracts individuals and families who play polo, travel often, own horses, own multiple properties and luxury vehicles. Luxury marketers have promoted their products and services at polo events and in polo print publications. It is now the perfect time for these same advertisers to embrace Internet-based marketing and the power of social media. PoloZONE is poised to introduce new luxury products and services to the polo community. A combination of banner ads, content marketing, combined with polo event promotions/sponsorships is a winning formula for any luxury company. If your company markets luxury products or services and if you would like to explore the opportunity of marketing to the polo community, please contact or Tel. 760-774-2111.


audiow_girls-211x300Advertising Packages

PoloZONE offers a variety of ad packages from a simple 300×250 banner ads to a full-scale promotional campaigns. We also offer exclusive sponsorship opportunities, polo marketing, consulting and related services. Each promotion we offer is custom, so please contact us for prices or for a project estimate for your campaign.

  • Banner Ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Custom Promotions
  • Polo Market Consulting
  • Polo Event Marketing

Contact Us

For more information about PoloZONE’s Marketing Network, please contact Lynn Bremner at Tel. 760-774-2111 or e-mail

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