It was a perfect day a glass of ice in your car would still have ice in it at 4 PM without the air conditioner
especially when you started at 8 am. Now how many places do you know like that in the USA or anywhere ?
Polo was a little hotter for teams in the first one it was Farmers and Merchants taking on USA Polo and it was a bit different chukkar to chukkar . On a perfect day a good field it was super close for 3 and in the 4th after a halftime pep talk I guess F and M came out on fire and buried USA ending at 9 to 4 a 5 goal lead. However they would score only 1 more goal in the next 2 chukkars + the overtime and USA just kept closing the gap and with 50 seconds on the clock USA had a # 4 took it and made it then a whistle which was for a wrong horse change gave USA a free shot from center. Looked like a new opening for USA but Land M met it but did not hit away and was met and with seconds left score was tied. Overtime and a good lesson learned hit the ball take risk away , you have to do it as clock is on your side . In Ot it was USA coming from a 5 goal down winning in 2 + chukkars and sending them to a shootout.
Game 2 was Antelope vs Klentner Ranch and it was never easy but KR started well and finished better as all day Bray lit it up with amazing help by the Klentner clan Jake and Justin as the double J’s did there job well all this and still had to do a shootout as only Antelope was eliminated.
The shootout was sort of short as all made first 40 and Farmers and Merchants missed there 60 and the finals was made and will be USA POLO VS KlENTNER RANCH so should be a good one .

See ya on Sunday

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