The Weather was amazing the Polo plentiful not a lot of even games but fun in a sunny setting about 70 with a cool breeze Polo was coaching league , 8 goal and Ladies Polo and all in all a very good weekend . Some of Ladies were packing slings on there wings with one in plaster but the show went on . The big thing I seen this weekend was much like the young players in NYTS and Knights there are some brilliant talent here in USA we just have to get leaders of USPA to help them, progress it is obvious our handicap committee for Women’s Polo is lost worse than men’s we had 4 teams in Women’s and they were not even close to being equal one team beat 2 teams by about 20 to 5 and worse than that 12 to 0 against one team and both were rated 12 goals might be time to find a rating committee who knows Polo this is not good for sport 12 to 0 equally rated . There were several Lady’s who were brilliant in there play
Cory Williams , Molly Agee, Kendall Plank, Hope Arellano who maybe best Malia Bryant and the Queen of them all was veteran Gillian Johnston who as the highest rated Player was by far the signal caller and Leader of the Winning Team @ 6 goals no matter we have talent on both sides Women’s and Men they just need a chance and most cannot be Patrons .
Congragulations are in order to:



Megan Gracida
Hope Arellano
Gillian Johnston
Malia Bryant

In the 8 goal with 6 teams a good showing as Memo Gracida ,Graham Bray,Marcelo Abiati,Marcos Llambias all
former high goal players are competing in this so very good polo and a bit even 3 with 2 wins 3 are 0 and 2
Acme Elixers GipsyFarms/Twin Palms and Klentner Ranch are all 2 and 0. With a weekend to go kind of fun to
watch .
In the last Month we have seen some very good talent here in the home country called USA. We as Parents need to stand up and the young Men and Women of this Country need to speak , that is the future of this sport here not
as grooms and spectators but Players it can and should happen if we stand up. We do not need 26 goal Polo we do not 3 players from foreign Lands and do not tell me there Leaders are not standing up England is on top of it , Novillo Astrada is threatening to pull team from World Cup to help his People where is our support???? We have some very talented youngsters and have had for 10 years with no chance to advance if not a Patron size checkbook . We may have a 10 goal player in 6 years or so but they have to get Polo some to Watch under 18 Mackenzie Weisz,Lucas & Nico Escobar, Julian Daniels,Tenzin Tognini,Will Green Bayne Bossom ,Harrison Azzaro ,Grayson Price to name a few plus Ladies mentioned earlier and there are a bunch more you are the future and it is time to stand up and make it HAPPEN it has been to long since WE HAD A VOICE OR A 10 GOAL PLAYER .

see ya

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