In a very good day for Polo at 70 degrees and sunshine it was a very SB day , the reason most people come here.
It got underway at 2 pm wth Farmers and Merchants vs USPA and it was wall to wall as both led but both trailed and ended up in a tie but USPA finished it with a OT win and sent them direct to the finals. Game 2 at 4 pm was very similar as Klentner Ranch looked out but All Day Jessie Bray put them back in it at the bell with some big time plays, even stopping Antelope with no time left after a 5 second foul and 2 nd yellow on a KR player. meaning KR started OT at the 30 yd line of Antelope and somehow a 6 goal team fought it off and actually had two chances to score as JB was the man leading Justin and Jake down the field but they could not find the center in the 2 minute penalty zone and shortly after they had all 4 back Antelope sealed the deal with a big one from Jimmy Wright who had an amazing game today as the two young Americans James and Jake Klentner did amazing polo today and the older Jessie was a warhorse all day.
This created a shootout between Antelope and Farmers and Merchant to see who went to the finals and it was a quick one as Antelope made first 2 and F&M did not so Sunday should be a good one as Geof Palmers Antelope look to unseat Matt Walker and the USPA squad. So come on by and bring MOTHER and make it a very happy MOTHERS DAY.
Down South at the little Giant of WILL ROGERS it is the HOLLYWOOD CUP and the Stars are not Polo Players but the Audience is amazing and the Polo very fun to watch.
If you can see it possible please help with fund for Sandy Sears as she is having a rough time after a sudden passing of USPA umpire Rick Sears anything will help and thanks if you can .

see ya @ polo wherever U are

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