In a picture perfect Mother’s Day in Santa Barbara area it was 2 very interesting games as Farmers Merchant and
a real Mother doing a very good Job leigh Brecheen and Dan Walkers crew kept Klentner Ranch just behind them most of the day to sneak away with the conso cup . It was not even a close or fun match to watch as Antelope looked snake bit all day as nothing worked forward or backwards while the US team hardily missed a shot and quite easily gathered up the Lisle Nixon and headed to the Clubhouse . It was a good crowd for the Day and received some very good press on Local TV and this is a new image as David Sigman seems to be stepping out to the community and getting some long forgotten fans right here in town . Maybe we will see a whole lot more fans ever week .
The Hollywood Cup ended over the Weekend at Will Rogers but not sure who Won it yet I know the Dominator Domingo Questel was in the finals for the second week in a row after just losing to SB in the finals of the Ambassadors Cup in a shootout . High goal started in UK last week and Big Ben and his RH team gets going next week in the Queens Cup 1st big one in the UK .
see ya
@ Polo

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