The Polo Report
by Steve Crowder

The polo season ended in the desert,  but it will be a very busy place for the next month. Keep an eye out for drones, Stars (the 2-legged ones) and all on the big stages. Empire Polo Club will be covered by a million people by the first week of April.  There are only 150 thousand people who live in the area, but it is Coachella Time. This is the place to be.  There is no doubt the sound of music will make the Cactus Dance for the next 4 weeks.

As the ponies head North and East we just can hope so many more come next year as there is no place like it.  In the desert there is so much to be seen,  many fields and money to be saved out here.  You know you will get to play Polo because it does not rain much in the desert. They have huge crowds every Sunday and all the things you need.  There is always a TITO’s Handmade Vodka to keep you happy.

The final Sunday in the Desert was  fantastic.  At El Dorado you had the Govenor’s Cup and the Skins which turned out well. The Canadians were well represented and won the Skins with Northern Blizzard. Just missing out to the Colorado Cowgirl in the Governor’s. Next door at Fantasy Land (Empire Polo Club) it was the Lions Cup and the Champions Cup where they were both playing for cash. In the Low goal it was another Colorado- based team EVERGREEN and the Sprungs … Tom and Noah .  They came out swinging and took the cash home from Empire’s own Rob Scapa and Hayward Pardue. They did it without their big gun Bryan Middleton, who is a one-winger for a while.  Peter Blake was filling the gap well.  Noah rode off with MVP and Brian’s Horse Muneca won Best Playing Pony without him.

In the high-goal tournament it was M3 Strolling Wild and Madelyn Cobb taking on another Canadian Warrior Gordon Ross and Remax. In the Champions it is not by the chukkar for cash, but the final score.  Not so exciting normally, but this one was.  Jared Sheldon and Peter Blake kept Lady Madelyn moving forward fast and went way out front, but it was far from over. Gordon and his Canuks got over a slow start and started smoking down the lane to tie it up with very little time to go.  Kyle Fargey and his sister Dayelle started to feel the need for speed. Josey, as in Joe Stuart,  started to fly and they just lacked that final goal as they shut out M3 for 3,  but in the OT it was Mr. Sheldon doing what Daddy says “swing easy and straight” and you will get it done and he did.

So 2015 ends in a great way and we are looking for a huge boost to 2016 as we hear the big guns of the North maybe coming back the MANNIX Boys and they will wake up the DESERT POlO World .


see ya

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