Outback at Hobe Sound, FL – Carlucho Arellano scored from a penalty four in overtime on Friday to give Aliano Realty an opening 10-9 win over Burnt Mills/Peapacton in the Outback at Hobe Sound Polo Club 12-goal League this month.

Six teams have entered with several players including seven-goal Tommy Biddle taking the fields at Hobe Sound for the first time.

Biddle lines up with John Gobin, Glenn Straub and Scott Swerdlin for Palm Beach Equine and faces Woodlawn Mt Airy in his Hobe Sound debut today.

“I heard that the fields at the club were really good,” said Biddle.  “Good fields and enforcing the not turning on the ball rule are going to help my style of play.  I’ve got all my best horses down here and I’m looking forward to it.”

El Sur won the Outback League February 4-goal at Hobe Sound Polo Club. From left: Kelly Torres, Roberto Narvaja, Carlos Gonzales, Adrienne Till. Photo by Shelley Heatley

Frankie Bilbao will also play at Hobe Sound today for the first time alongside Francisco Ayala, Cesar Jimenez and Marty Cregg for Skaneateles as they take on Yellow Cab.

Eight teams are in contention for this month’s Outback League eight goal at Hobe Sound.  Ruben Coscia made an impressive opening performance in this tournament, his goal score heading into double figures as Virginia Beach/Woodlawn defeated Shamrock featuring South Africa’s Joe Henderson 16-6.

Four teams vie for the winner’s podium in the four-goal and a fellow South African Duncan Watson and his Detroit Blues teammates will be hoping to go one better after losing to 9-5 El Sur in the February Outback League four-goal finals.  They kicked off their campaign with a 10-5 win over Escue yesterday at Hobe Sound.

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