Maybe one of the most exciting finishes you will ever see in the finals of the Queens Cup today . It was Ben Solemani’s Restoration Hardware defeating La Indiana as the first horn went in the 6th and guess what ? Cambiaso scored it making him 10 goals and 10 times Champ of the Queens Cup a record as well. He had help as young Beresford was unbelievable all day and man does he fight for ever ball Ben played well making some key backshots in the wild 6th and the Brazilian well he is just a hair away from being a AC clone in 20 goal polo Rodrigo Andrade .
1st 3 chukkars were all RH but the 1/2 score did not bother LI as they came out in the 4th down 6 – 3 and one the first 6 throw inns and scored 5 goals in the 4th AC got one back at the final bell but was down 9 to 7 and La Indiana continued to hold the lead into the 6 th a bit of bad luck for Nick the Stick happened in the late 6th when his horse stumbled and crossed the line giving young Beresford a chance to tie it up at 9 all . The rest of the chukkar was just awesome Nick got loose and missed Augi Merlos all alone looked like it was over and missed Cambiaso all alone but caught and missed La Indiana on attack lost ball on boards Rod grabbed it started back to goal a lot of contact then AC went zoom and bell rand as ball crossed . Wow
All 8 players played + polo it was fun to see how good the young English Men are playing it just shows you have to get the chance. USPA might notice .
I guess Michael you have to come to SB to win in the Queens . Lyndon Lea did won PCO and Queens twice and Ben won PCO last year now the Queens so load em up and see you in August

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