DO WE HAVE IT IN THE USA ANYMORE, obviously in Polo it vanished a while back as the last thing the USPA is interested in US Polo players, that is obvious as we have 13 players over 5 goals which means 6 goals or better and 1/2 are over 40 so what has the USPA done for POLO ???????????? in the USPA I would say NOTHING .
Now is something much worse and very real we as People seem oblivious to world around us Puerto Rico a part of mainland USA is in devastation and what are we doing minimal . Trump seems as thick as Obama if we do not pull these people out they will be here on govt aid for 30 years . So why are we not sending ever plane and support we have to them ??// Two things it will give them a chance to recover and save us a Gillion dollars if they come State side , as polo in the US we just worry about our image . WELL LOOK @ IT not anything to get excited about .
We are much like Trump tweets annoying and not progressive we need to BE helping Puerto Rico , Miami and Houston big time not political BS . Forget all the things we send to 100 other countries that hate us Kill us and steal ever penny they can. LETS HELP OUR P E O P L E.
I am not sure what is going on in Polo they say making lot of money and maybe they do not need the home players as they are going retail well if that is case turn the Polo over to Polo Players not antiques new educated young men in the Game. We over the last 2 decades have had some very good men in place but 6 months later they are right in the good ole boy bullshit and so is US Polo. John Goodman saved US high goal Polo and they all rode his coattail and bragged how it was working now they have screwed that up and still will not change because the good ole boys have a wing from next door. No answers to improve OUR POLO Players, just ride the money man well the new money is not JOHN Goodman who liked American Players and seen the future. Maybe they should get his ideas he has time to lead us despite where he is and he is the only reason we have HIGH GOAL POLO HERE TODAY and that is a FACT.
We have people in USPA like Mike Carney, Tom Gose and Tony Coppola, Jimmy Neuman and Bob Puetz who know what is happening . Lets get going the Future is here . Change the rules make it faster,better,safer and most of all make American Players part of it. Simple changes eliminate throw inns one a 1/2 over board other team takes it from spot , goal scored Knock inn , 6 horses per game simple things suggested by Javier Tanoria who has a brain and no reason to make it anything else. Then we will have Patrons playing Polo as they will have to use them and WILL. Might be a way to get Patrons back to 3 goal + if they were part of the game . I know they are all up in Portland doing there thing , WELL IT IS TIME FOR THEM TO THINK THIS IS THE USA AND WE DO PLAY POLO AND CAN ONLY IMPROVE WITH A CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE .

see ya

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