In a very interesting day with Finals in Washington,France,Spain,Colorado and California and the start of the East Coast Open in Greenwich, Cn. Not sure of some of them but in SotoGrande it was the Pieres Brothers doing what they often do Winning and it was Gonzalo winning MVP for Ayala and Mr Zobel as they stopped a magic run by La Indiana . In Conn it was Matias Magrini and Patron Henry Porter stopping Audi.
Here in Carpinteria at the Santa Barbara Polo it was a grinder finals and a long but good one it started about 30 minutes late to some Major problems on HWY 101 both ways North and South due to collisions but when it got going about 3.35 there were a lot more collisions and Klentner Ranch got a lot of whistles for many tallying up 15 fouls in first 1/2 and giving up 3 goals on open goal penalties . The first chukkar was done at 3 to 2 KR and the 2 nd tied 1 and 1 but DW and F and M jumped on mistakes in the 3 rd to win it 4 to 0 which in the end would be the doom to KR but it was far from known at that time. At 1/2 time it was 7 to 4 FM and great day the Sun came out and made it a lovely 1/2 time. However probably not to lovely for KR getting drilled by Joe H but it worked they came out won the 4th 2 to 1 the 5 th 2 to 1 and tied it for a short time at 2.56 left in the chukkar but DW got them up as the final bell rang. Chukkar 6 was balls to the wall Polo and KR tied it and won the chukkar 2 to 1 and missed 3 goal shots as well. Tied in the last 90 seconds of the 6 th . So it was on to OT and WOW a very fun chukkar to watch I am sure not one player enjoyed it both teams missed chances to win as both had 2 knock inns and 2 penalties # 5’s but could not commit and the 7th ended with really tired Players and exhausted Horses at 5.51 PM and the 8th was a bit slow to start but got underway and KR missed 2 big chances to score but missed and also missed a # 4 as well but with 5.51 left in the 8th chukkar it Luca Criado giving Dan Walker a big PRESENT. THE PCO Dan has been Playing in the PCO maybe 30 some times @ least maybe several more with his Dad his Brother Henry and won ever tournament played at SB but this one many times but now he can be Maywether he has them ALL. WELL DONE MR WALKER, but you still have to catch Henry ! A great crowd a nice day never over 75 and Hey Houston no rain but SBPC Polo is next to Hwy 101 and that is usually a good thing but they were having a Demolition Derby there today I Guess the way traffic looked . As the curtain comes down on High Goal at SB , we still have 8 goal and then you can head to the best place to play Winter Polo INDIO,CA REASONABLE PRICES FABULOUS WEATHER AND IF BORED YOU CAN SKI IN AN HOUR AND YOU CAN SURF IN 90 MINUTES, 2 TOURNAMENT GAMES A WEEK NO RAIN NO EXCUSES! IT IS THE PLACE TO BE . LOOK UP EMPIRE POLO OR EL DORADO YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW GOOD IT IS

see ya there

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