The Polo Report
By Steve Crowder

Viana  scores in OT. Back to news … get ready to rumble in 33 hours as 16 players will have money on their minds. The Skins final takes to the field at El Dorado Polo Club where Canada’s John Rooney’s Northern Blizzard put the end of a big comeback and hope from Twin Palms.  An easy lead turned into a real game in the fifth as a 4-goal lead evaporated and it was tied in the 6th. John and Herndon Radcliffe set the stage with some nifty play to head to the finals on Sunday where the Doctor and Dangerous Dave Dollinger and his Los Banditos will be.  They stopped Cotterell Farms on Friday in the desert, where they did not get rained out. Dave has some help coming from Max Meneni and a Texas Young Gun by the name of Jake Stimmel, who has the game in his blood for 4 generations.  He will be ready to go.   It should be a good one as each chukkar is a game  worth 5 grand.   Expect some fireworks every time the ball is thrown.  Both teams have lots of speed and both have power.  The Banditos have the Doc Gaston VonWernich making the plan.  Max and Jake have the speed and Dave likes the goal. Northern Blizzard is just that.  They blow in hard and then blow away, but then smoking back with Smokin’ Joe and the Palomino sending it forward. John is deadly at goal and Herndon, well look for a 10 goal shot or a oops, but the team is this way so hot or so Cold.  Its just a lull before the next storm because here they come.

Next door at the Champions Cup at the Lions Den fabulous home club of Big Al’s Empire Polo Club.  You have probably never seen a POLO Club like it. Just go by and visit Empire sometime and you will see why.

It will be a WAR for 40 grand all in one 6 chukkars winner takes 75%. The final two big guns are a pair of J’s running the teams. Both Young guns of the Southern Cal area “Josey” Joe Stuart is the big gun for Calgary’s Gordon Ross Canadian Re/max Team.  He is playing with a couple of speeballs named Fargy, Dayelle and Kyle.  They take on Lady Cobb and her big J as in Jared Sheldon. He has some help with the big stick of Kimo closing the door and the speed of Pete Blake to keep it going forward. Look for some old time WARS come Sunday in the DESERT.

Down South when it dries up enough to play the US OPEN will get underway.  They should of came out West where you always play POLO.

Farther South like in Chile the USA team with Desert Rat Jesse Bray leading the way take ON Argentina today, who I hear was beaten by Brazil in first game.   I was told Chile defeated the UK side none confirmed.

see ya in the DESERT@POLO

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