The long haul from East to West was worth it as The Ladies of Virginia came rolling into town ready to go
and it took them a chukkar to settle down but then they caught fire as Texas 3 some seemed in control in
chukkar 1 but UVA took the buzz out quick in the second putting 6 in a very speedy chukkar and hung on to keep there lead throughout the rest of the game . It was a very good game to watch and well done Ladies .
The other part of the East was a Team known as the Hawks from Roger Williams University I bet not 20 people in the crowd had heard this name until this week but they will know them now as they stopped a high flying group of Texans from SMU in Dallas,Tx. It took a shootout to settle this gunfight but RW was ready and got it done in the second round . It was SMU coming back down by 3 going into the last 1/2 of the 4 th so it was a close game and nobody backed down but a Tiny little school from our smallest state Rhode Island proved they made the trip to get it done and they did . Well done to all the teams hope you enjoyed your trip and come on back it is even better in the Summer .
see ya

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