Joseph (( Bud )) Dardi was a man among Men he was so straight he could not say a bad thing about anyone , Tha was just Bud a very nice Person so damn tough you would never know he was a city boy He was a horse person into trail riding big time in endurance racing and Polo and also Horse racing his trainer was the trainer of California Chrome, but he did not own him so sad , Bud rode endurance races often 100 miles ones he won twice in race fron auburn to/Tahoe 100 miles climbing 22 thousand feet and he won it twice,setting a record still stands 11 hours 6 minutes. If you never knew Bud, myself included he was always positive even when you knew things were bad, that was Bud just move on. I knew Bud for almost 50 years and he loved horses and a few Women along the way , Bud played Polo all over the World as he was a Ambassador I think in the FIP and I know was involved in many events in South America and Europe . He was rawhide tough for a Patron,a cowboy but always a Gentelman. I met an Indian Princess today Bud used to compete with and she said he was always so polite and that was the way it was with MR DARDI he was just a good person and a great Man . So Long Mr Dardi we will remember UUUUUUUUUUUU.
Another sad note another Empty saddle Vince Azzaro died yesterday and many on West Coast may remember him he did so many things at Griffin Park from running it to Coaching . Vince was from Chicago and did it all from Restaurants and Polo from Oak brook to LA and in between San Antonio maybe Dallas . These 2 men loved Polo and never quit trying to make it better for all. Which no matter what you say there are very few doing this anymore.
We have had a few Empty saddles in the last Year Brian Murphy, Susy Mayberry, Tom Akers, Tom Hughes ,Bob Daniels and I know there many I am missing .

see ya

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