Back in the 12 goal the surprise of the year was Hanna Grill Zavaleta proving how good they can be and she has been there and she Does it at a high rate of speed well today we may have seen her Clone 14 year old Hope Arelano daughter of Megan Daughter of the best person I ever knew Brian Murphy who was a pretty good player herself before she fell in Love with Americas best player for several years Julio and WOW she is total smoke and Sunny Hale would love this one and I am sure knew her. Anyway she was on the losing team RH which never had a team practice as Megan broke down in Las Vegas that would be a hard story to believe but I think it is true . Anyway they could not handle Klentner Ranch and all day Bray so go to 0 and 1 . Game two which I did not see at all was Santa Clara moving past the De Narvaez camp and the final game found Lucchese boots walking as the Farmers of Merchant bank were running but it is round 1 and many are on game 1 and looks like first round teams all had a game last week.
Sunday will be first real test so be there.
Across the Pond it will be action early so tune into when you get up because it will be great Polo.
The quarters of the British Open are Sat. Sun morning our time in France some locals stiring up the dust as Geof Palmer and his quick moving Son Grant are playing in St Tropez as well as Tom Barrack and face of Polo Nacho Figueras all doing well Geof and Antelope were in the semis . Good luck to all of them .
Will Rogers will satisfy those who want action but no desire to drive so check it out on Will rogers ave. in Pacific Palisades Polo all day long .
Portland is smoking at Hidden Creek Polo so if you are even close it maybe the best trip you ever made .
see ya

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