Grant is son of Antelope Patron Geof Palmer and is already a rather amazing Kid or Young Man he is not old enough to drive legally but can be seen flying a Robinson Helicopter in off the Ocean and landing at Bella Vista. Now he maybe moving in on Dad’s space on Antelope Team as in subbing for Geof yesterday put on quite a show in a losing effort with a few injuries in house Antelope has been a bit short handed last couple of weeks. Grant looked very comfortable by the 3rd chukkar and started taking Joe Henderson passes and heading to goal and made several on the day. Well done GRANT ! The 2nd 12 goal is into the 3 rd round with Antelope down 0 and 2 and Klentner Ranch who were beaten in first game Sunday by Farmers and Merchant. In this game Leigh Brecheen was carted off to the Hospital with a fall but was back by dark looking well and just a bit sore but moving on and her team F and M goes to 2 and 0 and Klentner is at 1 and 1 as well as USPolo now at 1 and 1 so Friday could be a very interesting games and a strong chance of some shootouts.
Over in the UK it was Big Ben and his Team RH taking the Cup with Ben’s new Man Adolfo Cambiaso and they head to the Queens Cup starting this week in the UK where it actually rained out a set of games last weekend which is the first time I have heard that happen in quite a while as the Brits seldom stop even a chukkar for rain. We wish Big Ben and team best of luck before he gets back to defend his PCO title also wish Canadian Fred Mannix the best in his trip to the Queens Cup.
Polo is rocking all over the East Coast as well as here in LA at Will Rogers this week. Went on a trip to the Nort West last week and have to tell you about some amazing sites for Polo later this week. You might just want to take a trip that way .

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