it was a good game and a war to the end the field looked a little tired and may have been the reason for so many missed balls but it was definitely high goal polo . Odd things is the lowest goal player out there Polo Pieres scored most goals only 9 goals but he held his own I would say. However 4 10’s were just a little bit better as La Dolphina did it in I think a 5 peat but it was fun to see and shows 3 teams is all there really are in this level Alegria being the third they lost in OT to Elerstina and Elerstina lost in ot to LD and the rest were not really there . New rule of out of bound ball looked great but would it be better to stop the clock ? not sure .I thought Nero was fantastic and very solid and so set on I shoot and he did . Awesome crowd never hurts .
I know this happens in Polo a lot as one team will lose to help remove someone you do not want to play but I think I seen it in college football as well a couple of weeks ago Georgia already in the finals lost to Auburn and set up a problem for Alabama and did well today Georgia played Auburn again in a finals and they pretty much destroyed them . Sounds like Polo sometimes .
I am not sure but I think the Ladies Open in Argentina was also won by a La Dolphina Team. Well done to them and look into the sky Sunny Hale made this HAPPEN.
Its just the way it is
see ya

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