It must have been an amazing effort by Fred and the boys and it defintneley bears a well done Alegria this is really an amazing feat. I think Elestina beat them once in last four years and only blemish they have . Well done for the CANADIANS and Fred Mannix Jr. Only foreigner to make Arg. Open finals in a long time .
In the World Cup it has been a bit of fun but not that much as the USA team lost to Argentina and Australia beat Spain in OT and England Killed India by 15 and New Zealand yet to play.
Here in the US Polo ass. I hear new things and big +’s could be happening . Tony Coppola who is an on site person is second in command Bob Puetz has moved up and do not know new Chairman but hope he sees US Polo as something besides a foreign playground and paycheck . Just maybe the American youngsters will start to develop into real world with a little help from OUR ASSOSATION.

see ya

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