It has been a long time since this tournament started like close to a 100 years and it is still going strong not as strong as ever but solid . We have receded some in the last 5 years going from 8 to 4 teams dropping from 20 to 16 but it is still the PCO no 10 goal players but now we have 6 very credible teams showing some very good talent and so far Summer has been very good Polo and Weather which is I do not understand why everyone does not come here avg temp about 72 degrees no rain no games cancelled a set schedule and you can PLAN IT. We do not have the greatest fields but they are safe fast and fun and same for both teams and never that bad and we have several nearby so lots of room and the Weather well it is awesome always maybe a little chilly if coming from Texas or Florida but a sweater will fix it and it is a 100 yards to the Pacific where you can dive in to the clear blue .
Back to Polo it could be a lot of fun and it all gets underway Sunday like tomorrow as Farmers and Merchants featuring Dan Walker and Lucas Criado winners of the last one taking ON Paco De narvez and his super Pop also Francisco who is one of the Super Seniors of Polo and there Sol De Agosto team and that is 10 a.m.
At 12 Noon it is Jeff Hall and Jared Zemi and Lucchese taking on the Escobars with a very hot kid named Panelo son of a former 8 goal star named Stephen Panelo and I am sure a proud Dad . They have been to at least 2 finals . Game 3 the feature puts 2 time Winners already this year Justin Klentner and all day Jessie Bray against defending PCO champs staring Big Ben, Santi and Jason with a new gun named Matt Coppola so should be fun and it is there first game with this combo so come on out.
In Colorado Big Bob is showing the Rockies 20 goal Polo and hope it brings it back to the High Country and they do have MR Polo there who packed the house here for about 4 years Adolfo Cambiaso easily recognized as the best Polo Player in the World for well about 20 years it seems like , you might say the Tiger Woods of Polo .
Rumor is Polo at least in South America is thinking we need to fix the game to meet today’s cost and I am for Javier Tanoria’s ideas all the way and in doing so will make it a team game again . Simple things 6 horses per game People say it will kill horses no think about it, if you play team polo and pass the ball it becomes a team game again improves Patrons who now become players not blockers and in doing so improve there game as well, Doing away with Throw inns except to start game doing away with 30 % of the fouls and fights. You score you knock inn you hit out of bounds they hit from spot it went out. It will do wonders for game shorten it , make it 1/2 the cost make it better for crowd and Patrons and a TV possible event with the Drone coverage and add some Americans it will be all a positive move for USPOLO and the World of POLO.
see ya @ POLO

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