Robert Skene Trophy FINALS

Mansour defeated Jimmy Choo/Los Toros 14 – 9 in the Robert Skene Trophy finals that took place at Santa Barbara PC on Sunday July 16th. Adam Snow of Mansour scored 4 goals from the field and converted a penalty for a total of 5 goals. M. Zegers scored 5 goals as well (3 from the field and 2 penalty shots). Ben Soleimani scored 2 goals and J. Daniels scored 1 goal.

Jimmy Choo/Los Toros’ Nick Roldan scored 4 of he 9 goals. Brandon Philips scored 3 goals and Mariano Fassetta scored 2.

Audi defeated Antelope/Long Beach 15 – 9 in the Robert Skene Consolation Finals. Kris Kampsen of the Audi team scored 8 of the 15 Goals. Pablo Spinachi scored 4 goals, Juan Bollini 1 and M. Ganzi 1.

Luis Escobar (Antelope/Long Beach Team) converted 4 penalty shots. Pancho Bensadon scored 4 goals from the field and D. Walker scored 1 goal.

Friday, July 14 @ 11 a.m.
Windsor Capital(20) over Grants Farm/Klentner Ranch 12 to 11 in overtime. Windsor’s Jeff Hall(8) shot in the winning goal, as well as 3 more goals for a total of 4 scored; Chris Nevins (4) shot in 4 goals, 3 were penalty shots; Sugar Erskine (7) & Patron Pat Nesbitt(1) shot in 2 goals each. One of Nesbitt’s was a penalty goal.

Grants Farm/Klentner Ranch(20) teammate Mariano Gonzalez(8) shot in 7 goals, 4 of those from the penalty lines; and Jeff Blake (6) made 4 goals, 1 from the penalty line.

Friday, July 14 @2p.m.
Jimmy Choo/Los Toros(20) out shot Audi Polo(19) by a whisker 15 to 14. Playing in the Los Toros uniforms, Brandon Philips shot in 8 goals, 5 of those were penalty shots; Nick Roldan made 4 goals; Mariano Fassetta scored 2 goals; and Los Toros patron Michael Rothbard scored a goal.
Audi’s Kris Kampsen(6) continued to shoot a blue streak with 8 goals, 6 of those were penalty shots; Pablo Spinachi(6) scored 4 goals; and Juan Bollini(7) shot one in from the penalty line. Audi Polo started the game with 1 point on the scoreboard.

Friday, July 14 @ 4 p.m.
Antelope/Long Beach(20) took the lead winning over Duende(17) (say do-end-ay) 17 to 15. Pancho Bensadon (8) and Luis Escobar (7) were pure inspiration working together knocking in 7 goals each, Bensadon made 2 from the penalty lines, and Escobar made 5 penalty shots look easy; patron Dan Walker(4) scored 3 goals.
Duende stayed close, but couldn’t out shoot their rival. Juan Novillo Astrada (7) made 6 goals, 2 were penalty shots; Paco de Narvaez(9) made 5 goals, 2 from the penalty lines; Carlitos Galindo shot in 1 goal.

(These awards are voted on by the players).

MVP Amateur: Ben Soleimani (Mansour’s patron)

MVP Professional: Adam Snow (Mansour)9-goal rated player

Best Playing Pony Amateur: Samantha, a Bay Mare owned by Ben Soleimani

Best Playing Pony Professional: Chloe, an American Thoroughbred owned by Adam Snow. Adam told me he got three of his best ponies from the same stable where Hale Bopp emerged. Snow mentioned Chloe is just like Amy, who won the U.S. Open Best Playing Pony Awards – Willis L. Hartman Trophy in 2006.*


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