Some big surprises today as Luchesse has returned at least for the day with a monstrous move winning today against almost untouched Klentner Ranch. Was it an upset or did they just get rolling ? We shall see as they definitely did it today against a very strong KR as they dominated KR for most of the 6 chukkars . This team Luc has looked amazing at moments with Jared Zemi looking very strong and very well mounted Jeff strong as ever just not making it happen and a solid performance from Mr Obergon. If they get a stride they will be very hard to beat.
Game two was Farmers and Merchants taking on Santa Clara and losing late as Santa Clara seems to have that end of the game magic just getting them bye but still a W and that’s what you want, and they go to 2 and 0 and Agosta losing the last game goes to 0 and 2 and the rest are at 1 and 1 with 1 game to go. In the feature game it was RH in control but never alone as Sol de Agosto never went away with Senior De Narvez playing extremely well again this year as a major player for a senior. SDE was right there with the clock ticking down but Matt Coppola and Jason finally finished it in the last moments but just after SDA had a great chance to tie it up. A great crowd with 75 degree weather and finished a great weekend of Polo as Mayer Ranch with a herd of Robs and Mr Mayer taking the Title of the Rincon from Mrs Sarah on her own fabulous field over at the old Meeker field in a very good finals .
Will Rogers with a huge turnout today I hear went very well . As the Junior’s of Polo showed there talents in a very good showing . San Diego is Dark for another week or so but if close to Portland get there as as Hidden Creek Polo is waking up the North West and shinning very bright with huge crowds on a very special setting, so word must be out. So join in this is a shinning star and in the pathway of the Eclipse Aug. 21 must have been ordered and directed by Mr Keyes.
Friday in SB looks like this :
Sol de Agosto Vs Lucchese early
Santa Clara vs RH Polo
Klentner Ranch vs Farmers and Merchants as the Sun sets and the party starts
across the Pond it was the UK destroying the Common Wealth in the Coronation Cup and in New York Hawk Hill won the big one the Eddie Moore.
Thanks so much for Pat and Ursula for a Fabulous party at the Nebitt mansion and to Kelly for a big one at the barn Party all on Sat. Kelly is the new CEO of Jackson Hole where they can fix your Polo needs whatever they are right here @ the Polo club
So we hope to see you Friday at the Santa Barbara polo just for Fun.

see ya

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