The Weather as might be expected was just as good as you can get maybe a little more Sun would have been nice.
The Polo not as good as past weekend but still tough in all four games , trouble is there are 5 teams so someone sets alone each day. Back to back games would be answer but I guess rather set than do it only 2 teams would play back to back each week. So byes would be easy but whatever the Patrons want .
This week it was on Friday with the bye Lucchese so Antelope took on Klentner Ranch and came out second best and went to 0 and 1 in a close game most of the way a bit sloppy but fun to watch as Antelope is having a bit of a down year so far. The other game put Mokarow against a new team from Dallas Mokarow and they ran into a wall early and never got over it as Farmers and Merchants with Young gun Charley Walker subbing for Leigh Brecheen came out on a mission to say he belongs here and did. As they rolled on by and head to 1 and 0.
Sunday was a fun day as Santa Barbara’s Ben Solemani Patron of RH Polo winners of 2016 PCO did the same today in the UK 22 goal and blew by to the Semis with Mr AC on the Main seat but Ben played well scoring 2 goals and taking a man often.
In SB well games were not to exciting but had a rhythm Antelope going in 0 and 1 came out easy early and made the boots of Lucchese very muddy at 1 time 7 to 1 pasting therm well as young Gun Remy was only force on team as others like the tap tap and they got tapped often and never were in the game all day long and Young Jimmy Wright was a monster on Antelope maybe they are listening to new coach Julio Macho Man because they hit him the ball and made it a big day and Geof P was a force as well as Antelope galloped about in the last two and finished well ahead . With Makaow down for day it was Farmers and Merchants taking on Klentner Ranch and with steady deadly play by Jake and Justin all day Bray was moving quick and steady to goal and F and M had no answers so they go to 1 and 1 and KR to 2 and 0.
Wednesday there is a game this week between the Texans John Muse’s Lucchese and Big Kevin Makarow and Makarow farms so should be a great week and GUESS WHAT (( NO RAIN ))
We play every time we can in SB just Like the Desert there will be Polo everyday you should play.

see ya

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