Lets start with Polo the biggest of them all is well underway in the UK as the 2016 Queens Cup is off and running and it looks like you need a 10 goaler to win so far as none has lost . AS expected Cambiaso and Dubai won defeating Valiente , Zacara with Pablo McDonald also put away big Ben and RH Polo and Pelon Stirling led his team to a win as well, as only winner so far without one won with a 9 goal Astrada . Action continues tomorrow so watch it very good viewing on Guards Polo .com . The Drone is the answer to watching Polo for polo people as well as the general Public in my opinion like a man once told me the on board camera made formula 1 survive and blossom 2 decades ago this might just be a Polo God Send . If we add Javier Tanoria’s theory to it we may have an answer to our hopes . As Summer arrives soon so does Polo across the nation from Greenwich to San Diego and North to Calgary and Montreal it is Polo time .  Florida is still moving along with the Grand Champions and Palm City as well as the Villages  still in action and drawing lot of players . Aiken and Houston are also in full swing with there spring seasons. So a lot of places to see Polo .                                                           Politics is also on our daily news nonstop and I find it kind of funny and so true how much BS there is in it . The Man they like to say was out of it showed he is first a person who earned a living not Welfare in Politics as most of them are and showed he could whip the whole Republican Party and all there money and will do the same to the Democrats I am sure because he has made a living doing something most Politicians never heard of: working . Hopefully this is not a return to the 30’s when Hitler led the People the same way knowing we would follow anyone to get away from the Politicians and there free rides through life as they marched us to nowhere .

“The Path” is a show on network ‘Julu’ and I am proud to say my Daughter Whitney is one of the actress in her first show on the big screen . Have a look it is interesting about a cult and she is a lesbian in the show but it is quite a sight to see your child on the screen and I am very proud to say that.

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