Today there were 3 games and they got much closer for the most part in game 1 at 10 it was a former Desert star and his son with Goose Creek fighting a magnificent battle to fall short in the end behind by 7 they caught up and went ahead to lose in the end to Grand Champions that was Mariano Gonzalez and his son Peke a future star for sure . they go to 0 -2 and Grand Champions goes to 1 & 1 .                                                                                                               Game 2 was Mt Brillant taking on Valiente 2 and was a 3 way battle two teams and the refs. The game was fast and MB went up by 5 in a definite show of power from Chavane and Crowder with Bo Goodman pulling the team fouls went  chukkar 1. 5 against V2 and 1 against MB 2nd 2-1 third 3 to 3 but yellow cards began to fly and V1 lost a player for 2 minutes then MB for 2 minutes and then as soon as 2nd half started another MB player for 2 minutes anyway the game went into overtime and Valiente 2 won . I do not think the refs caused the end results but it was a mess and I think the rules need some more tuneups as they are getting very negative reviews from players and Patrons  . For one thing there are 2 many eyes and angles so it becomes a vote , I think with 1 third man and the drone this will be enough . I see some good but also some complete normal screw-ups that have always been there with the Ump not on the line blowing and as always if man on line says no it goes to third man but these plays happened for years stopping a possible goal and they are still doing it if you doubt watch 5 and 6 th chukkar , We all know in all sports it is a tough job and I do not think more is better . Better is efficiency.

Game 3 was a showdown Valiente 1 vs Orchard Hill both 1 & 0 both have Superstars and both have fantastic horses but today was OH all day they out ran and out played V1 from start to finish and OR goes 2 & 0 and V1 is 1 & 1 the last 2 games were played at Valiente and Hats off to Mr Bob this place is awesome and It is so new 3 yrs. ago you could have drove a beach buggy across it to hunt Alligators and I am sure found some . Check Polo Zone for play by play from Alex Webb site he is on the spot all day long . Desert News from Paradise will be o the way .

see ya

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