It has been a very annoying month of December but like most things it gets better with time and it has the 2 weeks of Dec starting about the 4 th were just damn right awful but look at it this way it did not burn down and the Smoke cleared and it never did rain , However the sand is still n place the Sun is out the cool ocean breeze is here and so is Christmas  a lot less lights and a white mountain but may not be snow but moving on .                                                                                                 California Polo is growing again and it is Demand now and WHY NOT: Some of the best fields in the World the Best Weather and for sure it does not Rain so your schedule is like Gold it loses no Value . EMPIRE POLO maybe easiest the most gorgeous place to play Polo on this Earth and the area has 30 polo fields in 3 mile radius, People stable together ship 3/4 of a mile or walk horses to Polo and never through the mud and play everyday they and like the good old days enjoy each other.. Even former superstar Memo Gracida is here Ben Solemani of RH Polo in the big time in the UK are here this is the place to be. They know we have everything they have in Florida and a lot more at 1/2 the price and best of all a lot more Polo for your $. Now if we could get our leaders in the USPA get motivated to help the masses of the US Polo players in the long run maybe US POLO would be back . We see it starting to change in other places the UK took a big step to help there Polo people , Mr Astrada President of Argentine Polo Ass. has been adding new ideas at a high rate of speed and looks right to the future for his Players and changing the game and they are the biggest by far.                                                                                               I have heard a lot of ideas recently and most are about cutting the cost of Polo and that seems to be by far the biggest barrier and another Argentine Polo Player Javier Tanoria for sure has the best ideas how to cut the cost , improve the Game and improve Patrons one idea of his just went into action in BA and was well accepted last touch of out of bounds ball loses ball very simple just like most sports and cuts out trouble making throw inns . The idea of his to cut number of horses per game to 6 or 7 is the biggest Polo changer we have had in a long time and for me is the best idea to improve Polo full scale BECAUSE:

Players will have to play TEAM Polo with limited Horses they will have to pass it                                                                            Patrons will have to be part of game and improve because they are part of it                                                                           The cost will fall dramatically carrying 6 to 8 horses versus 15 less everything – stables , grooms ,shoeing ,feed                       WE may see Patrons like Peter Brant , the Busch Brothers, Uihliens and Orthweins again as the pros must use the team so they do get better not just take a man or LEAVE IT . Add two Americans to all teams above 12 goals and 3 12 and below will help make American Polo Players return as well .                                                                                                                      The WORLD is changing but are WE ????????????????

California Polo is coming back and this is the time of year to taste it find the sites EMPIRE POLO and EL DORADO all in the DESERT bring your Boots yo may want to stay .




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