Its Pieres against Pieres two of the best players in the World and they are brothers take the field today in Wellington . They will be across from each other however with different colors on there backs . Gonzalo will lead the charge for Audi with Fred Mannix Rodrigo Andrade and one of the Ganzis most lkley young gun Grant as rumor is Poppa Marc has a separated collar bone they take it up against Steve Van Andell’s Orchard Hill who has Brother of Gonzalo’s Facundo and cousin Pablito along with Ezequiel Ferrario it should be a great one as the Mannix Brothers of Calgary continue to battle the Pieres in the finals of the 26’s in S Florida Fred will try to one up younger Bro Julian by lifting the Cup not an easy task but he does have a Pieres on his side the Grandaddy of them all starts next week as the US Open gets underway . The Gold Cup will be on TV today so enjoy and remember Fl. is 3 hours ahed of West Coast so High Noon for us .                                                                         Indio is not short of action either this weekend as the Skins hits the Final 4 day , today as there will only be 4 left come sundown at Empire it is also getting close as the second round of the big money is on today as well with Huge crowds expected in a picture perfect setting . California Polo is growing as lots of news coming on Summer Polo so get on the trail to the Golden West .

see ya



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