“The time has come for me to leave this life. I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that day. “
 This was a very sad day, but the weather was awesome as Bud would have liked.  People from many walks of life were there at his service.  Business men from SF and Santa Rosa, Cowboys from many places, endurance riders, polo players, Rancheros from San Ynez to Auburn and of course his family. The Service was unbelievable.  It was done by Father Adrian Peelo, who was absolutely amazing. It was a great service for a great person. It was followed with a nice reception later at SBPolo hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Holden. There were many stories were told about Bud and the one thing was always there in the story…. he was so nice and never ever said a bad thing about anyone no matter how BAD it was. They also said he was damn tough ….from the ear he lost to broken Bones. He had no evil side. He Loved Horses and Women and you know what got him. But he was always a GREAT                                                                              MAN. 
                                                              SO LONG BUD D.
DOWN SOUTH AND YOU CAN SEE IT LIVE  USPOLO.ORG/VIDEO this is what is happening in the Joe Barry Memorial. Keep your boots on, there will be polo in the desert if it is not raining when you play. These fields are made to play POLO.
Wed. 18th at noon Semifinal 1: Tonkawa vs. La Indiana At IC East
3pm Semifinal 2: Grand Champions Casablanca vs. Mt. Brilliant    Field #5
Sun. 22 Noon Bobby Barry Cup Final  Villa del Lago-Mōdere vs. Coca-Cola
3pm Final of the Joe Barry Cup
Semifinal 1, Wednesday 18 at noon  IC East
Tonkawa 20
Jeff Hildebrand A
Costi Caset 4
Sapo Caset 10
Facundo Obregon 6
La Indiana 20
Michael Bickford 1
Mike Azzaro 6
Jeff Hall 7
Ruki Baillieu 6*
*Gringo Colombres 6
Semifinal 2, Wednesday 18 at 3pm  Field #5
Grand Champions Casablanca 20
Grant Ganzi 2
Iñaki LaPrida 7
Nic Roldan 8
Juancito Bollini 3
Mt. Brilliant 20  
Bo Goodman 1
Jason Crowder 6
Santi Chavanne 7
Julian Daniels 6
see ya
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