It took seven chukkers instead of six, but after all was said and done Sugar Maple ended out on top, besting Sugar Maple in a Wednesday evening match at Saratoga Polo with a final score of 8-6.

Saratoga started the game up 2 goals on handicap, but Sugar Maple went to work right away. Will Orthwein had 3 scores and Marcelo Castro had another to grab the lead in the first chukker. They both added to their totals late; Orthwein had a goal in the sixth to help Sugar Maple win back the lead and Castro had 2 in the seventh to reclaim the lead and put it out of reach for Saratoga.. Both men finished with 4 markers on the day.

Much like Sugar Maple, Saratoga received all of their scoring from two riders. Matt Coppola and Andy Lott led the runners-up offensively with 2 scores apiece.

The next match at Saratoga Polo takes place on Friday, June 25th at 5:30pm, where Saratoga Springs Mayor Scott Johnson will be on hand to read a proclamation to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Saratoga Polo. For more information about Saratoga Polo, call 518-584-8108 or visit


Saratoga (+2 on handicap) – 6
Jackie Czub – 0
Matt Coppola – 2
Gene Gass – 0
Andy Lott – 2
Dave Peters – 0
Robin Lott – 0

Sugar Maple – 8
Tab Orthwein – 0
Will Orthwein – 4
Marcelo Castro – 4
Rick Baum – 0
Tamie Ehinger – 0
Lael Peters – 0

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