ON A COOL CLOUDY DAY IN Southern Gold coast it was decided who will play for the Cup with some excellent Patron Polo In the first game it was Klentner Ranch smoking the Texans from Dallas known as Mokarow Ranch who on Wed. destroyed the other Texans Lucchese and ran into a brick wall called Klentner Ranch today so they find there way into the Conso where they will face Antelope who lost today even with Patron of Antelope Geof Palmer scoring I think 5 goals as they took a stuffing from Farmers and Merchant with 1/2 Patron Leigh Brecheen doing a big job closing down the Antelope attack and getting the ball to Mr Fasseta who was flying all day long for F and M and they head to a Sunday showdown with Mr Klentner and the Cowboys of Klentner Ranch . Should be a good one so come on out and watch those Ponies run down SUNDAY LANE . Should be as All Day Jessie Bray and his blue helmet should be very busy with Mr FASTETTA and company.
Over the Pond in the Uk it is still Ben Solemani and RH headed to the semis Good Luck Big Ben . Another W and Ben could be headed to the finals of the Queens Cup one of the biggest in Europe ever year.
Back East things are heating up and Polo is getting going up and down the East Coast out in the North West it is only a week or so away as the Dream Land of Sean Keyes is looking fantastic as the raindrops go away . Cera Pampa in Petaluma as well as the Circus Club in Menlo are also in action now and the Party Town Polo in Del-Mar is expecting 5000 for opening day like TOMORROW . Close to LA do not miss the action at Pacific Palisades as WILL ROGERS WILL BE SMOKING BOTH DAYS.


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