Somethings happen because they were meant to and that maybe the way it was this week . Tuesday was a shocker for many TRUMP is the next President of the USA. I for one think it is great he is not a full of s–t Politician a bit weird but hey Tom Barrack and Geof Palmer backed him and they know a lot more than me and for sure we need a change maybe we need to hire his son to run the USPA. Earlier the Cubs won and that was just as great but at least there opponents were great to as Cleveland belonged there. Then in Polo a day later another shocker Elestina beat La Dolphina now in our World that was a shocker even though they have played each other for 10 of the last 11 titles or so they still did it. well done ! Now that we are back on to Polo lets take a look at POLO in the USA. Maybe we could take a page out of Trumps book lets make it US Polo for US Polo players first and let the rest of the World join in not the rest of the World control US Polo and who plays it. If we are to continue to have this sport as one of our sports lets make it that way and build from within. Using and growing American Polo players like we use to, Tommy Wayman out of Kansas The Barry’s out of Texas the Siebers out of Cincinnati the Wigdahl’s and Kuhn’s of Chicago the Rizzos & Blakes from NY, Dix’s out of Spokane. The trouble is nobody gives the young Players a chance to grow they want to win now so go South to find them and what they do not realize they have learned to control the club players and eliminate the young guns from within and these players say adios we do not need this and are GONE.The USPA has a program ran by Chris Bowman and it starts out fine but then what ? First they often help 80 % of the young players who do not need the help if they want to play Polo they will I like idea of them being there because they improve and get a chance to mix and become friends and comrade for the future . The thing is simple most of the young Americans cannot afford to play Polo without a job and they have to have a job to buy horses and this is where it stops as a foreigner says I have a cousin and I will help him with Horses and out goes the Yank and 60 % of the time they use Patrons horses anyway. We need to make this our time in the USA 3 Americans on all Polo under 20 goals and 2 in all POLO above PERIOD. There are certain Patrons who will refuse and not Play. So be it This is the USA.
I have another comment about 10 years ago we raised the Open to 26 goals which was great but it seems to me the USPA said fine if we have 8 teams we will do it and it has worked . Now however it is not working SO? We need to honor Patrons already payed up for this year but it is time to look at the Future. Time to change is now 2017 is done but next year?????? Why not 22 with some new rules Like Javier Tanoria has suggested 6 horses per player , 1 throw in per chukkar or game turn this back to a team game so everybody is a player , cut the cost and make it a SPORT for many.
The next thing you need to do is save a lot of Money and head to California the Winter Polo properties in the Desert are so much better than anything in Florida it is unreal. Take a look there is nothing like it .

see ya

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