The Argentine open 2017 seems headed to a final weekend with many time defending Champs La Dolphina in already I think on the other side it is down to can the Canadian freight Train and Fred Mannix rundown the smooth sailing Elestina machine ? Maybe this is only team in 3 years to have defeated both the Big Boys but never in the finals as they defeated Elestina 3 yrs. ago in semis of the Open only to get smoked by La Dolphina and earlier this year beat La Dolphina but could not take down Elestina in finals of Hurlingham. Maybe this will be the day for Fast Fred and his speedy teammates .
They opened up Arg. Open to 10 teams this year but 3 have dominated by a big margin and obviously they are in a different league . Las Mojitas who had a big run through first 3 games and looked like might be a problem for La Dolphina with 3 Players who have won the Argentine Open got smoked 15 to 1 yesterday so no I guess they are not there yet . In the last 6 games I think average score difference has been about 9 and most worse when playing the top 3. Here is another place you could see new rules changing the game with limiting number of horses as most Arg. Open teams are basically on there own with little sponsorship except Alegria they are not competitive with Dolphina and Elestina who have the big barns and money to keep good horses home or fly them back to compete. They may not see it that way not sure .
The Ladies Open Championship seems to be about the same as Elestina and Main La Dolphina teams seem to be headed to finals as well . Should be some good ones today and I think you can see on Latin ESPN if you can find it .
Hope you had a very Happy Turkey Day
see ya

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