The finals had great weather a bit of wind but 73 degrees so did not need a coat and a very hot Farmers and Merchant team . With 4 amateur players on the field in 12 goal Polo maybe the World of Polo is improving the 3 teams out of it are all 3 pro teams so it was interesting to see Dan Walker and Leigh Brecheen were amazing all day long as they stayed in position and did a hell of a job. Both of these players are well past the 50 and taking on a big task at this level and that might be the Klentners who are all of 6’5 and not anything but lean and tough . There were many plays where DW just had the edge and scored for sure first 3 maybe 4 goals for F-M . They had an edge however and his Name is Fast-etta or some know as Mariano Fassetta also this was his Birthday so he gave himself a Silver present and he is not 50 so do not go there. Down by 1 after 1 they came back in a hurry as DW scored 3 in the second and only one in reply 5-3 in the second 7 to 4 at in the fourth and stayed there the rest of the game . Dan was high scorer of the game and Leigh was a well deserved MVP closing the door all day no matter who it was she GOT THEM. WELL DONE FARMERS AND MERCHANTS AND LB
Across the Pond in the big one in the UK Queens Cup it was a couple of SB visitors often doing very well Ben Solemani and RH Polo are in the semis of the Queens and The Bolt Fred Mannix is in the Semi finals of the subsidiary so rock on SB Polo .
Also across the State it was San Diego Polo opening with a limited version of Party town but close to 3000 people on hand so it did not slow Party town down much . Will Rogers was rocking and up in Menlo no report on who one Mac and Madeline Jason finals . It is Polo time and there are few places North of the Mason Dixon Line they are not playing so go ccccccccc POLO U will luv it and we would LUV it if you tried it as well.
(( warning )) It is like drugs it is hard to stop once U do it but it is healthier maybe not cheaper but you can not reach that High anywhere else !!!!!!!!!!

see ya

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