It was Dec. 4 th 2017  when the Gold Coast went dark with the biggest fire in Ca. they say and it was the biggest around here for sure in the last 20 yrs.  On Dec. 21 first day of Winter they lifted most sanctions of moved out people and then all got to enjoy Christmas and New Years with plenty of ash for the fruit trees and Avocados and the 2018  started with a bang the Desert was feeling good for the first time in a decade seem to be growing with lots of People to play Polo . SB had most of the Horses returned from Evacuation  and then came first Sunday of 2018 with Bull horns phone Emg. problems in the skies above us but seemed doubtful as Monday was a pretty nice day a bit cloudy but it was the Calm before the Storm as Monday night seemed peaceful a bit of showers but before Dawn we would all know what the Warnings were for . TRAGEDY beyond belief in one of the richest zip codes in America. By Daylight you knew life had changed no water from your faucet , no electricity  no gas no where to go and no way to go in this area for the next 9 days stuck in the Mud and that is real in the Mud or surrounded by Boulders as big as a truck . Roads closed Police every where trucks by the thousands relief workers homeless people as rocks and mud ruined and destroyed houses floated on 101 hwy . Just not the Gold Coast for a while but we are back and better maybe not as lives were lost and a jilion Gallons of mud and a mountain of rocks to move somewhere. But most of us have Electric,Gas and do not have to boil water anymore and many are back at Home stores and Restaurants still in short supply but stores stocking up again . All this with less than 2 an 1/2 inches of rain and one hill clearing fire.           Problem was biggest fire in 5 decades and the rain for most part came in 25 minutes on bare hills. Saddest thing is besides lost Lives was many of these Homes were saved from the fire by Fire Fighters doing amazing work only to be wiped out by Mud and Rocks and giving Insurance Companies an out .                                                                                                           Now about Polo the Desert is rocking they say haven’t been there yet but sounds like a great Winter so far and supposed to see Memo and his Yellow cap soon . Down in Fl. new rules in effect looks like and big sticks still on top sounds like Hilario and  Sebastin or Sapo will be in the finals of the Joe Barry this Sunday and all the games are onChukkar Tv or USPolo so see them run down Sunday Lane somewhere.

see ya

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