The Gold Coast has a very unsociable appearance right now with a gray sky and a very untidy smell of
burning wood and it is not Sea air at all . Some huge fires have started along a very dry coast line from
Filmore and even farther East they say like near the Hwy 5 and 210 junction to West of Ventura on the 101
Hwy. Well over 50 thousand acres they say. Most of these Tragic fires are caused by Human ignorance
created by environmentalist who have stopped natural burns for decades creating decades of dead growth
under the foliage of Trees and bushes here forever. Yet we the common folk let these People continue to
control our Govt. Just 2 weeks ago I was in the Sequoias and seen this in writing near General Sherman
Redwoods where a plaque showed the Forrest so much healthier in 1930 than it is today all because then
they let burns go and clean up this accumulation of kindling. Even said they were unable to use controlled
burns to clean it out even in this day and age but were doing some anyway.
Much like our Polo we have let a few control our destiny and are now in a burn area and really need a
control burn to clean it out and create new growth. The rest of the World sees it DO WE??? Trying to add                          some  pictures of Carpinteria under fire .


see ya

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