The fastest growing part of US Polo is the Ladies in the game and it has really exploded nearly everywhere and the Lady that set this stage is no longer with us SUNSET (SUNNY) HALE but oh my there are some Women in ever level and many are very strong on the field and many are Patrons who make it happen .
The SAD things is much like the young American Men is if they are not Patrons they have to be very Lucky to get out there were they can compete at higher levels. For some reason the Leaders of the USPA just will not protect the young Players and at this rate the only Americans you will see on the field is the Patrons,maybe no one cares if we ever have another 10 goal player from our country. However I think if you look across the country there are some very talented youngsters who may never get a chance to take it to next level. In the last Month we have seen some very talented young players here with the Knights tournament and NYTS I believe it was called very talented young men and Ladies from around the Country . These People and People behind them must stand up and get involved with what is there future in Polo and they are the future of American Polo if there is any.
Back to Polo here in Santa Barbara there are two games today 2 and 4 and there will be some new talent on the fields so come and watch you can see Jillian Johnston who has won most all the big ones including the US Open and she has an amazing young Lady on her Team under 15 yrs but has some High Goal talent young Hope Arellano WOW watch this one and a young Lady out of South Carolina Mia Bryant and several others .
see U there

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