It has been 9 days since a fire started 27 miles away and it has not stopped for very long anywhere, almost a 1000 houses destroyed and a lot more properties, However Santa Barbara Polo has been one of the biggest supporters in it all taking in 1000 animals from Horses to alpacas   I am sure not spelled right and add a few goats ,mules ,Llamas,water buffalo add a few Pigs and chickens and we do have a Zoo  . Most of all it was Marshal David helping the community and he had Sheriff Shannon in charge and wow this Lady , do not know her name but is Gorgeous and unbelievable how organized  she made it all fit with 100’s of volunteers and animals , Hats off to this LADY and then we had to move them she handled that as well.         As we continue to fight fires and weather we look forward to making it the best place in the World to be ever Summer .              California Polo is just a minute away of being the best venue for Polo in the USA winter Polo is amazing The Desert with almst 30 fields in a 6 mile area and most can be walked to from stables and the simple thing is everyone is together and Empire Polo is an IPC but much fancier and has twice the crowd every Sunday and a perfect example of lack of knowledge it has more fields bigger crowds and comrade and cost 1/2 of what Fl. polo cost . Also you do not get rained out and are sure to have two tournament games a week + practice everyday but Monday , Also you are 30 minutes from major Airport or 10 from a first class Pvt airport 1 hour from ski slopes 1  hour from ocean and 2 minutes to a golf course . Even Memo Gracida is coming this year , Tim kelly from Texas a herd of Canadians and the North West and guess what you can enjoy a dinner and a drink after the game , THE WAY IT USED TO BE . A SPORT OF KINGS . Look it up EMPIRE POLO AND EL DORADO POLO IT MAYBE THE GREATEST PLACE TO PLAY POLO ANYWHERE . A PLACE TO PLAY POLOOOOOOOOOOOOO EVERYDAY

see ya in the DESERT



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