The chances are it will be a repeat of last few years as La Dolphina has cracked once this year but not in the Open The BIG DADDY of them all the ARGENTINE OPEN POLO FINALS where 40 goals will take on 39 and it will not be an exhibition game. There will be speed,danger and amazing plays you can bet on it. This will be what they have worked for a long time and this is it.
The rest of the Polo World struggles to keep rolling but this venue seems solid and as odd as it is very few get paid to perform in it, maybe that is why it cost the rest of the world so much. I think the rest of the story is we start thinking about thee future of the game and how to make it continue into the next century much like the other big sports Soccer,Football, Car Races Horse Racing we have to change and we can if we put our minds to it the others are and most are the same COST when can it work ? Now we have to think about those ideas out there now and I think it comes down to Numbers not only $’s but to make those $’s lower make numbers lower across the board like Javier Tanoria says less horses less grooms less expenses will automatically make it change we will have better Players happier Patrons and it will become Team Polo again where most Patrons find it something they want to do ENJOY AND IMPROVE in the GAME it is one of the only sports an Owner can be on the Field of Play and be part of the Team so lets get back to that theory and watch it grow. YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT!
see ya

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