Sounds like Jessie and Felipe fired all day today as the US squad rolled over the Home Team Aussies down under they need some help from the Aussies in the next round for sure as the Argentina rolled over Spain as well so maybe we still have a chance some how but not sure how as do not know format if we win and AU. beats AR would be nice. It is to bad with all the New Media Games are not available live here but that is the way it is . I hear from Mr Nesbitt that Mr Gonzalez # 1 from US had a very bad wreck in the late part of game but seems to be ok are hopes are with him . As it is seems like are chances of the finals are very slim but it is Polo and what a feather if the Aussies could win. As the Elerstina Empire was built by an Aussie a Big One Kerry Packard who for all the good he did for Polo players was also the one who started the down size of the sport with the huge checkbook it cut 40 % of possible Patrons out to compete with him it also created the amazing product of Embryo’s which is huge in Polo BUT it took away the developing Patron. How ? Well look at it since 2000 and even 6 yrs before how many new Patrons have reached 4 goals ?? They will fit on 1 hand . Why they are not part of the team play , take a man Leave it in the past everyone had 7 or 8 horses at most 3 better than rest so he had to use team Patrons were so important on the field not just there check writing hand there were some big time men who did very well Bob Beveridge ,Tim Leonard the Busch Brothers the Orthwiens the Oxleys Goses Tom matt and Steve and they brought along American Pros like Red Armour, Tom Wayman the Barry’s, Bart Evans,Charles Smith, Mike carney ,Jake Sieber and Brothers the Scherers even the Mexicans Gracida Brothers and cousins last big patron was Peter Brant who was just on the cup of the new Polo and a big reason for it Money talks and he proved it like Packer he had the Gold and he did it. US POLO went South from there no longer were Arg. players Amateurs selling horses to Patrons for wages it was Pro time and they did it well they had been kicked out of UK due to the Faulklands and found there own gold right here and it was good for a while then 10 yrs. later we find we have no young Americans competing Mike Azzaro Owen Rhinehart Hector Galindo but all being supported by locals no new guns why? THE DEAL we can come cheaper and more prepared and they did that was there good and our Ass. should have looked the Mother country the UK had seen it and reorganized at least enough to grow English Players ever kid with Potential was sent to Arg. to grow another good move where were we then ?? Our leaders were looking for Numbers not Americans . It is sad to say but the USPA probably has more staff on the payroll than there are American Pros 4 goals or more sounds like GE and look at there stock ! SIMILAR
just my observation
see ya

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