The Polo Report
By Steve Crowder

It was quite a day in Florida as AUDI/Mannix slugged it out with Orchard Hill. Some great plays in the 1st chukker with Audi showing great control and staying out of a speed duel.  They got off to a 3 – 1 lead.  In the 2nd chukker it was the speed of Pieres’ cousins get back into it and slowly crept into a 3 point lead for Orchard Hill in the 4th. Clear minds and discipline put Audi back in front by 2 at the end of the 5th.   Despite a couple of doubtful calls, one against Fred, when he was going to goal and went down pretty  hard.  Likely a 2-goal swing as OH was awarded a # 4 over 200 yard swing from one end to the other.  Fred came roaring back early in the 6th and made a huge goal followed by an awesome neck shot from Andrade and looked great.  It was not over. Polito made a huge run on a steal from Gonzalo. Gonzalo won a throw in and Fred was on the boards with little time, but elected not to hold it and it went over the end line.  A quick knock in and an incredible run by Polito and Facundo tied it up with 3 seconds to go and on to overtime.

Not sure who got it out of the OT throw in. Chukkar .tv was great except 1 st two minutes and last 2 minutes and overtime. It was a foggy blur, but Gonzalo put the winner through with no doubt and AUDI lifted the Cup as the 2015 CHAMPIONS of Piaget GOLD CUP.

In my opinion Gonzalo played a very good game. He was a leader and the work of Fred and Ricardo provided amazing support as well as 1 winger Marc, who did play despite an injury. Too blurry to watch awards, but Gonzlo should be MVP and any number of horses could be BPP . WELL DONE!

Mac Ganzi, Rodrigo Andrae , Gonzalo Pieres and super play Fred Mannix

Out West it was not on TV but by word of mouth.  In the Skins semis, Cotterell Farms somehow got through to the semis, but must have been a shootout. I will know later I am sure. They will meet John Rooney and Northern Blizzard.  The other game will be Silent Chris Maloney and Twin Palms taking on Los Banditos with Dave Dollinger, who made a big return to Desert Polo.  All of this at El Dorado Polo club.

A couple of young guns head to finals next door at Empire Polo Club.  Jared Sheldon and Miss Cobb put the Texans down, as M3 Strolling Wild heads to the finals where they meet Joe Stuart and the Canadians from Gordon Ross’s Remax, who got by Ashton Wolf and Eric Hammon’s Roseville Motors to make a run at the big bucks.   So get on down and enjoy the wild west desert-style.

see ya


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