Not sure what happened in Soccer but the rest of the ball world was wild the NFL was amazing with college and pro upsets ,
POLO – Argentina won World Cup in OT over Chili in Australia and as usual the Aussies put on the greatest World Cup to date and they already had the next best one, SO WELL DONE FOR THOSE DOWNUNDER. England won the 3 rd place over USA and down South in Argentina it was Elestina beating Canada’s Fred Mannix in a thriller for the Hurlingham Open finals it was already an awesome weekend and then Sunday night has a World Seriies Game that was unreal as I think 25 runs were scored and Houston, Texas took down the LA Dodger in a huge game 5 of the World Series. WOW ths is what sports are all about. POLO is the fastest Team sport in the World and it is only sport Patrons are actually in so why not make them part of the GAME again ????????? We have new leaders who play the game Chip Campbell and Tom Gose , Tony Coppola, Mike Carney all men who played the game and the New chairman Chip Campbell is also a player they say so lets make it happen ! Look at ideas that make it happen Javier Tanoria has the best I have seen , look at them make it affordable enjoyable and bring back the reason it was created in the first place. A TEAM GAME, yes now it involves pros which when founded did not but it was fun and a game for them for 5 decades and no reason not to get it back there.

just my opinion
see ya

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