with a great Game it showed two games in one the first 1/2 was all Tonkawa as Sapo came out firing the ball out to Jeff H and found him easily alone and if JH did not score the next guy did as JH constantly carried it alone down the field a plan that that had worked so well for Coke and the reason they were in the finals The Wyoming Cowgirl GH just does get it done but they did not hit her the ball even though she maybe the best mounted Patron in Polo . They trailed by 3 at 1/2 time the second game the second 1/2 , well Tonkawa quit hitting to JH and GJ decided she would go get it and she did, I would say she was involved in ever scoring play from the 4th on somehow either scoring carrying the ball stealing the ball or eliminating a player 2 to 5 times her handicap and in the end scoring the tying goal with seconds on the clock with an amazing neck shot and then in the overtime getting the foul to win it all and take th CUP Home for Coca Cola and no doubt make MR Johnston proud and to me she was the MVP easily . Well done Ski she is mounted no doubt about it. I have to say JH played an amazing game it just goes to show use the Patron and things can happen JH did amazing he did not finish the play but he made it happen . This is what will keep Patrons in the game and why I think Mr Tanoria’s ideas will work . Pros will have to use Patrons and it will change the GAME right now . 6 Horses per player per game yes they will make it work they may change as well but they will pass the ball and use the team and all the games will be much like today 4 players playing Polo and enjoying it as they will have to work with Patron to get the results and cost much less.
Out WEST it was another Cowgirl this one from Colorado Jenny Lutrell winning the Jan League in the 12 goal as she and teammates galloped past the Antelope to win the Bronze and it was Northern Blizzard and Mr Rooney doing his usual taking home the Bronze as him and Mr Henderson smokes by the Antelope in the eight as young Palmer as in Grant were unable to take the snow out of the blizzard but as usual Mr Palmer had the chance to win a double as his son Grant is no doubt on his way to the top as fast as he can he is a Young GUN no doubt about it . Next door it was Mr Zigler and another John as in Bickford doing it as they took home the big one at Empire with 3000 people watching in a very exciting finals with an electric atmosphere this is the place to be on Sunday afternoon. There are few places for Polo in the World and none like the Desert scene Empire Polo maybe the nicest place in Polo in the world and you can enjoy the speed of the game as well as the Magic of the property . So come and see the DESERT scene every Sunday till first Sunday in April.
see ya

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