It is October 2016 and another year has nearly passed and have we seen some changes? YES. Some major changes have taken place from the tip of Florida to North West of the USA. Lets start with the biggest one IPC was sold in the past Spring to a Major player in the Horse Show world. So far this looks like we as Polo that is will be involved but and that is a big word for how long a huge question. Yes the new places like Valiente and Ganzi’s purchase of Zacara are big but this is not John Goodman who turned Palm Beach back into the center of Winter High Goal Polo. That was probably the biggest thing to happen to Polo since 1980 when John T Oxley and Bill Ylvisaker opened Boca and Palm Beach to the World, can it happen again? Nobody Knows. Some big hits have been the loss of Victor Vargas and Lechuza and the Colombian Nuns of Los Monjitas there will be others who come and go but these were very consistent teams for last decade . The arrival of Michael Bickford and his very successful team from the UK season La Indiana does brighten the horizon and may help bring some new and young blood to the fields of Florida. The biggest challenge in Florida will be how to keep Polo at IPC for a long time.
The Biggest secret of all Polo is the unknown monster of the DESERT of CALIFORNIA it is by far the best known in the World but not for Polo but the huge concerts COACHELLA, STAGE COACH and now a new one Desert Trip between the 3 over a million people visit just for this well the Polo fields in the Desert are simply amazing and probably easily the most economical Winter Polo in the World. There are over 30 fields within 3 miles and EMPIRE POLO must be the fanciest and most pristine polo property in the world look it up and EL Dorado right next door has an amazing set up. Just look up El Dorado and Empire Polo on the net and you will wonder why you are not there so big and in 45 minutes by car can Ski or go to the Beach and you do not have to wander a mile to hike,tennis or golf. We have plenty of places to play Polo we just need players and we need them from within our Nation and home grown. This is where I really think our association is letting the Young Americans down and it also why I did not pay my dues this year I am much to old and fat to play anyway but I do my best to help Polo. I am happy to see US POLO starting new people but I think they are missing the point we need to help new people who need help not Patrons children although I do think they need to support them as well, but it is the climbers and young people who cannot stand alone that need the help as if they do not get it they are gone and will never return. This has been repeatedly told to me by major players and managers across the Country. THIS IS NOT RIGHT EVERYONE PAYS THE SAME DUES. I know we are in a bad way with new members and very few new players getting a chance to get better and it is so simple protect our PEOPLE we have so many young Men and Women who are doing so well and with our system they will BE GONE VERY SOON. How does the USPA think they are growing US POLO ? It cannot be seen anywhere, it is simple look at the rosters 12 goal and above count the Americans not Patrons and you tell me I am wrong!!!!!!! If not for the Gamzi’s in the fall ever year I think it would be worse for American Pros over 3 goals. They could not feed horses pay grooms and survive it just would not happen. Thanks to GRAND CHAMPIONS WE ARE SURVIVING.
Make it simple with Rules the USPA Loves rules make them
# 1 three Americans on all USPA tournaments under 20 goals 2 Americans on
all teams in USA. Canadians should be included in my opinion.
# 2 A idea by Javier Tanoria all players have only 6 horses for 6 chukkars
4 for 4 chukkar polo and no using teammates horses it will become a team
game again at all levels
# 3 The USPA should lead for American Players both USA and Canada they are the future and there are a lot of new young guns to build on.
Around the Polo World Oregon at Sean Keyes @ Portland Oregon is making one of the highest end venues on the West Coast it is not A Sheridan Like Ski Johnston but on it’s way. Northern ,Ca where Silicon Valley is has a lot of new Players and they do not have driver less players in mind yet but do want to PLAY POLO.
Down South it is Fred Mannix of Canada and his Alegria team trying to make the finals of the 1st big one in the Triple Crown GOOD LUCK FM . In the final week of Ca. Polo I said a player did the flop in SB he called and said he did not , I have known him for several years and I did not think he would and he says he did not so for the time I have to believe him so Sorry but it did look bad .At Will Rogers where the face of Polo will perform next weekend in a Celebrity match Nacho you guessed it Figueroa they are getting ready for a huge show and Hanna and One eyed Ernie Escurra won the Will Rogers Cup and in a closing @ San Diego it was Nordean Anakar and Ashton Wolf winning the Spreckles I think with a huge crowd to finish the season .
I know I annoy a lot of people and I am not upset about it but I do have Polo on my mind and I am an American and that is the way it is and it is my opinion . You have yours and I will be glad to publish it as well.
see ya

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