If you were watching the British Open the last 2 days you would be a bit confused to say the least some Giants fell by the side since Sat. morning La Indiana was the first to take a fall as Fred Mannix and Juan Zavaleta let em have it with both barrels the second game of the day went as expected El Remanso smoked on through then Sunday came along with Big Ben and RH with a huge problem no AC they came up with a Big Gun but not as big as they needed and found themselves losing to a team I think won one game to get to the Quarters but they did it and sent RH moving there furniture in the second it was a bit of History as King Power last years Champs got fired up when they had to just like Pop 20 years ago coming down Sunday Lane with one thing on his mind WINNING and the sons did it today against a very tough Talandracas with a double 10 Sapo and Pelon .
Over here where Weather was well PERFECT on the Gold coast. In game 1 it was Klentner Ranch going on by Sol De Agosta to go to 2 and 0. Game 2 well no one seen this one coming Big Ben over in UK was replaced by a Girl named HOPE and did she ever make Farmers and Merchants hope she leaves asap with former 10 goal Adam Snow running the team and Matt Copolla and Jason C smoking down the field it was Hope pulling the team as they got out a 11 point lead in 3rd chukkar before F & M hit the board and at 1/2 it was 11 to 3 but it was not over DW is known to never give up and he kept the petal to the metal and by the middle of 6 th had tied them at 13 all then here comes Hope snagged a pass from the throw inn and put it on the board . This 1 goal lead held to the last minute but was tied and sent to OT . Then RH did what it did all day WON. I know nearly no one here had heard of Hope and I had but WOW . She very well may have outplayed and out thought the biggest ringer here since Gonzalo DelTour. Probably best rider of all players on the field today and very very smart on her game sense. I know she has 2 brothers and they better get going or they may have to start grooming for her .
Game 3 the final of the day was also a funny game Santa Clara getting 4 or 5 ahead and then ending up in OT as well against Lucchese which probably should have won BUT did not . Another youngster played in this one and did very well Young Escobar took Gramps place today and did very well and did a very good job of riding as late in 5 th or 6 th he was getting run off with big time but never panicked just circled till he could head to the trailer and get a new one . Very well done.
Back East it was Work to Ride/Los Machitos stopping Magrini’s ringers they say , Inthe finals of the Silver Cup. No results from San Diego or Will Rogers at press time .
so see ya Friday

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