After a big thought of a mega shootout it was but for consolation not the finals . Game one was no wins Sol de Agosta turning the tables on Lucchese who finally looked like we expected and came out on top with a big win to put both at 1 and 2 . Game 2 was what it was thought might be as both RH Polo and Santa Clara were using young Guns for subs for Patrons the Youngest Escobar for Santa Clara and Luas Criados son for RH both played very well as well it was RH up in the end of 5th by 3 and just going south in the sixth as they lost the fifth 5 – 0 so they go to 1 and 2 and SC goes to 3 and 0 . Game 3 seen a huge move by F and M as they shook the fields destroying Klentner Ranch at 1/2 time when I got there I think it was 11 to 2 and did not get much better and they go to 2 and 1 and KR goes to 1 and 2 so I think there were 4 teams at 1 and 2 and one at 3- 0 and F and M at 2 -1 so no need for shoot out period . The Rincon league continues to do well and thanks to Sarah Magness and Pat Nesbitt have great field to play on and seem to be having a lot of fun and that is what this is all about.
Will Rogers was in action today as well and had a great turnout on a warm day . SD gets back in action this week so we will hear from Party town soon . They have a huge turnout ever week all because they have a Lady named Lindsay who could make a Turtle Race exciting SOMEHOW and get a crowd now they have a Lady who Promotes new People like Silicon Valley Sherry Mosley is back in Del Mar she will get you from o to 3 in 50 days if you want to play Polo she knows the ropes and can arrange it all Just check it out but remember POLO IS DANGEROUS,FAST AND EXPENSIVE SO IF YOU ARE SHORT ON NERVE,CASH OR DO LIKE SPEED STAY AWAY IT IS NOT FOR YOU. IT IS KNOWN AS THE SPORT OF KINGS BUT REALLY IS THE KING OF SPORTS . There is no other Sport that the Owner is part of the Team and on the playing surface the whole game but do not forget you have to ride a Horse and you have to play right handed and that is the way IT IS.
see ya @ the finals

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