It might have been the biggest upset in the UK so far this year as Sommmelier smoked past highly rated La Indiana who went to finals of I think last 3 big ones in the Uk losing to King Power a year ago by a nose and RH and AC just a few weeks ago in last second in finals of Queens Cup. The La Indiana were short a big part with Augi merlos out big bro Pite took the reins but it was not to be as the Mannix – Zavaleta combo led the way all day with a big help from George Hanbury and Alex White and put it away in the end by a couple . The all Brit crew continued to smoke as El Ramanso seems to be on a mission as they rolled over Monterosso quite easily and head to a showdown with Sommenlier. Two big ones tomorrow Sunday Morning here as RH takes on Habbtoor who slipped in on the final game
but could be a problem if AC is lame and word on the street is he is healing. In the other big one it is King Power defending champs taking On Sapo Casset and Talandracas which could be a real battle between two teams who have not showed much so far but it is TIME because there is no tomorrow for the loser.
Here on the West coast no doubt the best place to be any July August in the World it is 3 losers playing 3 winners as Francisco De Narvaez 0 and 1 take on Klentner Ranch 1 and 0 at 10 and RH 0 and 1 take on Farmers and Merchant at game 2 and then it is at 3 Lucchese 0 and 1 dealing with Santa Clara an unusal way but perfect as now they all have a game and should be ready to roll . Will Rogers has a big one Sunday as well if want to stay in LA area and if down South party Town is on fire @ SD Polo .
see ya

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