The Polo Report
By Steve Crowder

We know SPEED kills,  but it was killing LOS BANDITOS (LB) in the finals of the $30,000 Skins final. For 6 chukkars it was simple. Patron John Rooney stuck with the Doctor and young gun Herndon Radcliff made the Bullet Max a little late all day. The Palamino (Jason Crowder) was on a jet as he blew by The Banditos. It was like they were stuck and they were, with a huge effort by John and Herndon. The bright spot, if there was one, was young gun Jake Stimmel.  He kept Smokin’ Joe busy,  but seldom saw any balls. If Jason would have scored 3/4 of the goals it might have been really cold in the LB camp.  The Skins game, however,  is a new game every chukkar.  LB was always even at the start of each one and did tie twice in the 3rd and 6th, but lost the 4th and 6th by two. It was a great game with a decent crowd and they all had a great time because it is always 0 to 0 when a new chukker started. The penalty 5’s were awesome. Big Joe Henderson sent a bullet each time to about the 40 yard area. The Palomino was always alone. Why? Well look where John and Herndon were with a man far away. This is team polo at its best.  John also took a big one for the team with a flying taco and had a softball size bruise when he headed back last night.



JOHN ROONEY  – CAPTAIN                                                                                       JASON CROWDER – MVP                                                                                          HERNDON RADCLIFF – BEST PLAYING PONY                                                      JOE HENDERSON – MADE IT HAPPEN


SKENE AWARD – CAROL LESSINE (she definetley deserved this)                 SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR – CHRIS MALONEY

The Governor’s Cup was also a big one. It took six, but the Colorado Cowgirl of Cotterell Farms took it home. They stopped a hard-charging Calgary squad. More to come later on this one.

At POLO Paradise,  EMPIRE Polo Club,  it was a wild one as young gun Joe Stuart and Remax’s Godon Ross, another Calgary squad, started late and were down 10 to 3. They got smokin’ as they roared back and tied it up.  Little Cougar, Madelyn Cobb, and another gun named Jared Sheldon,  got 1 goal in the last few seconds of overtime in front of a huge crowd.   Madelyn’s team, M3 Strolling Wild,  took home 30 grand and the title of the Champions Cup.

Other news the USA team led by West Coast young guns heads to the semis vs the UK. Calgary had a little of both in Fl. The Mannix Boys were 50 – 50 as Fred and Millarville/Audi won and Litlle Brother Julian lost in OT in their first games of the 26-goal US Open, but there is along way to go yet.

see ya


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