Polo People know this is start of big time action from Florida to the Golden State of California and yes it is turning gold fast naturally as Mother Nature will not share her rain with us yet.                                                            Polo wise it is Money time for the March Madness in California as the skins at Eldorado goes into there 3rd round and Northern Blizzard leads the charge with Mr Rooney on top and another Canadian Ron Mathison close behind as they head for the semis at 3 and 0 and 2 and 1 all are in action today .  Right now the standings are :                                                Northern Blizzard      3-0

Highwood                    2 -1                                                                                      Los Banditos               2 -1                                                                                       Edelweise                    1- 2                                                                                   Twin Palms                 1- 2                                                                                     Cotterel Farms           0- 3

No doubt some fire works today and Sunday to claim a spot for the cash next door at the Fabulous show place at Empire Polo the Money gets flowing Friday with a good showing of Young guns Plus a couple old pros looking to slow the guns down from Northern California you have        Roseville Motor Cars Eric Hammon and Ashton Wolf with young Jim Wright  and Nick Galindo and from the great State Of Texas you have Tim Kelly and a couple of been there boys Diego Cossio and Hernan Tejera with Peter Von Gottard and from home of where else Calgary you have Gordon Ross and Remax the guns of Josey Stuart and the speed of Canada Dayelle and Kyle Fargey and then comes the Cougars of M3 Strolling Wild leading the charge is Daughter of Mr and Mrs Cobb Madelyn and young gun Jared Sheldon with Peter Blake and not so young but still very big Kimo Huddleston  they get started today at the Gem of the Desert EPC.                    Down South it was almost and all Canada affair as the Mannix boys almost met but it Was Young Fred who heads to the finals this time as him and Audi and one of the Mr Ganzis will be playing Facundo and Polito in the finals as Orchard Hill slid by Julian in a cliff hanger on Wed. to stop Alegria from there second finals of the Winter in the 26 goal Gold Cup instead of the Mannix brothers it will be the Pieres Brothers battling .          Well it is time to book your tickets to Ca. as it is getting green on the Polo fields here and mercury is rising just waiting for YOU.


see ya @ POLO


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