The Pacific Coast Open goes into the 3rd round with a very weird situation , the six teams were divided into brackets of 3 and all looked fine Bracket A had 2 time winner Klentner Ranch , Lucchese who have been dormat for the season and Farmers and Merchants winning the last tournament. Well bracket A is 6 and 0 vs Bracket B so all bets go away as round 3 comes up tomorrow. A team at 3 and 0 could face a shootout and go to the semis and actually win the PCO , not likely but this is Polo SO NOBODY KNOWS, but by Sundown tomorrow we will know . Round 2 was great on Thursday as Lucchese came out smoking and were doing a big job on the De Naravez group trailing by 5 at one time but winning by one in the end and Game 2 was much the same Klentner Ranch fought all day to stay up to see Santa Clara fire up late and make it even but they could not close the door as Young Jared was as good as they get closing any idea of there move to a W . This Young man has so far been impressed me most of the Players here, He is blls to the wall and very team oriented and now it is happening after a bad 4 weeks and this team is probably best mounted Team here with Jeff hall Jared and Obergon .
Game 3 ws well not much to watch as RH got buried by Farmers and Merchants with DW making most of it happen as DW seems focused on the PCO as many as he has played in one of the only tournaments in SB he has never won . So look out he maybe 60 but he also rarely goes under 60 mph EVER.
Sunday will bring out some interesting situations, obviously none of 2 and 0 teams have to worry they are in Semis so do they try or just fly only gain is a # 1 seed. One thing looks likely there will be a shootout if the B bracket goes to 0 and 3 or more than one win. So we will see who is working the draw soon as Sunday.
Will Polo be great tomorrow maybe ! but it will be for Bracket B and Weather is fabulous so come on out because when the Fat lady sings it will be all over for 2 teams .
be there
see ya starts at 10 AM

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