The Spanish Gold Cup will be History long before Santa Barbara starts but the fever will be the same . Over the pond it will be an American Team La Indiana and American Patron Michael Bickford firing away at Mr Pieres as in Facundo and Ayala and it will be a battle and I am sure it will be on the net about 7 am Sunday morning. Here on the Rivera where a place called Santa Barbara Polo clubis in Carpinteria, ca . I ASSURE YOU IT WILL BE A VERY TOUGH AND MOST LIKELY LOUD GAME. Both teams got here because they have had a lot of help from there Patrons and I do mean a lot Two local teams pair off and both have taken Silver home this year one is Klentner Ranch with Patron Justin Klentner who has several years in this tournament but never carried it home and he is packing a loaded Team Facundo Obergon is there leader and quick with the stick and lots of power and he has speed in front Jessie all day Bray who has been smoking all Summer and headed up the field often and scoring the front door is probably a little underated as Geromino Obergon is very fast and accurate if they hit him the ball he will head to the promise land very fast and the bullet behind him will be Jessie. Stopping so many has been Patron Justin as he has made it happen there second year together and really finding his spots and hitting so many game saving shots either direction. However they are facing Farmers and Merchants with Patron Dan Walker and he has been here so many times and never held the Cup and he is playing like it will set on his Mantle, very well mounted and has a very good eye and nobody ever said Polo better when they said Man,Ball,Hit this is exactly what he does and it does not matter there handicap he will take them and hit the ball.He has a hard running Chile product named Pipi Vercilino doing a lot of work and his big Gun is Lucas Montverdi not quiet but very good and very good horses and they have a very big Ringer who is not that big in size but 1 goal 2 years ago and now 3 rated 1 quite like Lucas . WHY we know but it is the USPA. Same organization that has no desire to protect and build American Polo from within more about that later.
Be there this should be a very good but rough game, the Umpires may have to work harder than they have been , but it could be a barn burner and they say the Sun will shine.

see ya @ SBPC

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