Sunday Polo for January 15 has been cancelled due to wet weather that has caused unsafe field conditions for the players and horses. First time in well, maybe 10 years . This is something we have not seen for a long time out West . As bad as it seems it is such good news for the State and area only a few are really unhappy as it even rained in Santa Barbara recently called the driest place in the US in the NY Times . That’s ok it will also be the best place to be in the World in July – August not only dry but 75 degrees . So sign up it will be fantastic place to be . Desert Polo will be back this week and you will be sure to see those Ponies run . So plan on it.        Down South like Palm Beach area it looks like weather is cold but clear so there will be plenty of action and you can see it on follow that to uspololink and you will see some Desert Rats in action . At 9 am our time Jason C and Mt Brilliant get it going and just after it will be Jeff Hall and La Indiana in action in the Quarter finals of the Joe Barry Cup a well know name in the Desert a while back . So set back and watch the Polo game and then tune into the NFL and get your sport fix for the week .
 The Desert is still going to be the place to be ever Winter as there is no comparison price weather and places to be . All we need is a start we have so many players going East that if you looked at how many roots are really from the West , the writing is on the wall . Mannix biggest outfit anywhere there here, and have a new field and room for 3 more . Valiente may never come back but they got on a run here , Long Beach and Farmers and Merchant are here and are ready to roll as well as Restoration Hardware and Big Ben they are very much around the Planet as well as Mannix . Cotterel Farms is definitely moving up as well as Twin Palms and  Ron Mathison of Canada seems to be in the hunt and a whole heard of Texans floating around and now the rest of the World just has to see whats here.     When you see what Big Al has made there is just NO PLACE LIKE IT  ! lOOK IT UP EMPIRE POLO HOME OF COACHELA, AND MATT GONZALEZ AND JOSEPH STUART. Add to this El Dorado Polo and well there is no where else to goooo.
see ya
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