Well the 2017 Inter Circuit the big one of SB 12 goals got underway today and it was not a good start for Lucchese as there Boots were turned into Moccasin’s and soft ones as they were buried today. To say a bad day was nice they did not score until the 4 th and well they were 7 behind and went to down by 8 before they lit the board and needless to say team WHY NOT lead by Mrs. Hanna just destroyed them and they head to Sunday at 1 and 0 in game two which was a good game for both teams it was the Texans of Mokarrow coming out on top in OT as they stopped Fand M the previous champions with some very well timed upsurges . The lead changed often and with Fast_etta down by 2 went up by 1 with 3 minutes to go but with some misplays got tied up with seconds to go and the Texans made them pay for it in OT so they head to Sunday at 1 and 0 as well.
Across the pond it will be a big one with Restoration Hardware as Big Ben’s RH take on La Indiana finalist last year and it should be a very good game and can be seen early through polotv on internet I believe. Lots of Polo around Will Rogers ison fire with lots of action and the Party Town at Del Mar well there blazing and Guaranteed a good time . To the North Menlo is in motion as well as Cera Pampa at Petaluma and I think Santa Rosa is open as well .
so head to Polo after you watch the Queens Cup

see ya

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